What is Caffeine and what it means to SEOs?

We do know that Google recently changed its indexing system to “Google Caffeine” from its former one, whats the name of the former one? That I don’t know. But one thing is certain, that this will change they way websites rank on a keyword in which SEOs optimizes. But first, what is Caffeine?

Caffeine is the new indexing system of Google that provides fresher and faster results compared to the old indexing system. Which also means website rankings, blog posts, forum posts & published news changes rapidly over a short peroid of time. And this has been in the news since last year, that SEOs & internet marketers will have a new pain in the a.. coming their way. I remember Matt Cutts saying “create quality contents” but now I wonder if he will say “create latest quality contents”. Caffeine does not only show us text results this time, it show also provide other types of contents like, videos (from youtube) and contents from social networks like twitter and facebook.

Caffeine is already in effect and many businesses are affected by it. Business websites who rely from search engines suffer from a fall in rankings which causes a decrease in traffic. New contents are pushed up while old contents ae pulled down. Now one question that may arise is “what if the no new content for the website? will its ranking continue to go down?”.

We are still in the early phase of the implementation, we will see more changes in the upcoming days/months. Others may resort to creating a blog section for their websites in order to publish new and fresh contents so the the googlebot may pick it up.

By the way, its not the indexing system that they changed. Google also updated its algorithm (they always do).

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