Top 10 Portable Apps Every SEO Should Have In Their Flash Drives

As an SEO, there are times where you really can’t use your laptop or PC for certain reasons. And you are forced to use other computers to do your work. But what if the PC or laptop you’re using doesn’t have the software you need? Luckily, USB memory sticks are so affordable nowadays that I would be surprised if an employee who uses a computer for their work doesn’t have one. And you can use these flash drives to store the necessary software by storing portable apps which you can run on other PCs.

We’ve rounded up our list of the top 10 portable apps that SEO/SEM people should have in their memory sticks:

  1. Notepad2 Portable is a very lightweight software that you can use an an alternative for the default Notepad. It does have added features like syntax highlighting if you’re editing html codes, css, php, etc. and many other.
  2. portable-apps-notepad2

  3. XAMMP, internet is down and you need to finish your wordpress theme for your client? Then you need a local server to work on. XAMPP enables you to have your own webhost ‘offline’, perfect for creating web applications.
  4. portable-apps-xampp

  5. Portable is one of the best, if not the best alternative for Microsoft Office. And the best part of it is, you can take it everywhere you go. Whether creating presentations, tabulated data, or a simple report this app can do more than what you expected.
  6. portable-apps-openofficeorg

  7. KeePass Password Safe can store all your passwords and other information inside a database safely. You only need to remember a ‘master password’ to open the database file.
  8. portable-apps-keepass

  9. FileZilla Portable – upload every content you need to your website wherever you may be. Just bring your content, server list and settings with you or you can also store them inside KeePass.
  10. portable-apps-filezilla

  11. Mozilla Thunderbird Portable Edition lets you read all your emails and spams directly from your USB stick. Just bring your email list and passwords, or use KeePass
  12. portable-apps-thunderbird

  13. Skype Portable – lets you connect to your clients through your USB flash drive. It has all the features of a regular skype installation.
  14. portable-apps-skype

  15. TweetDeck Portable – Get yourself updated with the latest news within the SEO community and even world news. You can also use this app to come up with a content that you can use.
  16. portable-apps-tweetdeck

  17. GIMP is an alternative image text editor like Photoshop, edit images for your articles every where you go. Another alternative that you can use is Inkscape.
  18. portable-apps-gimp

  19. Dropbox Portable – Dont have enough space in your memory stick? Your Friend’s laptop doesn’t have dropbox? Then this portable app is a must have. Although this app is still in the early development stage, it runs really well.

Personally I have these apps in my external HD plus a few other important work files and tools, just in case my PC decided not to cooperate with me.

If you think there are other portable apps worth mentioning here, please tell me by commenting below.

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