Top 10 Best Free Infographic Tools You Should use To Be Awesome

Its no secret that everyone loves to see an infographic that showcases an attractive data regarding trivias, information, or even statistics, in effect a lot of marketers are utilizing it to boost their sales, visibility, brand, and many other marketing activities. Its an instinct for marketers to utilize and monitize anything that attracts the attention of their target consumers. And when creating an inforpgraphic, you obviously needs to research on the data you will require and also make an outstanding presentation that is visually pleasing to the eyes of the readers.

So to help social media experts create an outstanding presentation for your infographic, here are 10 of the best free tools that will help do that.

1. Wordle – this tool helps you in generating your own word clouds within seconds, no photoshop skills needed. Just place all the words that you want to appear on the cloud and press go. You can even use a website/blog feed or user tag, just place the url on the form and press submit. – lets you create visual and graphical data representation for the information that you have in just minutes, I think its not overrated to say its the fastest of them all.

3. Google Chart Tool – it provides an easy way to create graphs and data representations with a lot of methods to choose from by using its API.

4. GIMP – Its a free alternative for Photoshop that you can use, its can use the same PSD file the Adobe uses and best of all it easy to learn. Its not mainly visualizer but this can certainly help you.

5. StatSilk – can also create interactive maps and visualizations either web-based or on our desktop.

6. – you can use their pre-designed templates to create infographs on the fly.

7. Piktochart – is an app that lets you create an awesome infographic using their free version software.

8. pixlr – is online photo editor, just like GIMP plus a bit of imagination you can will be create your own infographic. You can also use this on andriod smartphones and iphone.

9. IconArchive – is not really considered a tool but rather a depository of icons which you can use for your representations.

10. Infographics Archive – This is the cloud 9 of all infographics, a library that stores all the available inforgraphics on the net. You can use the ones stored here for your inspiration.

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