SEO Optimized WordPress Themes

If you will agree with that all bloggers needs SEO to boost their blog traffic then, would you also agree that wordpress themes should be SEO optimized? You would wonder if some blog have high ranking in SERPs or Search Engine Results Page while you blog is not? Its because of their SEO efforts and part of that is about their themes. Their themes are SEO optimized meaning it has been tweaked for better SEO. So where can you find these SEO friendly themes? What I have here are sites offering SEO Optimized WordPress Themes for you to download for free.

Here are the site list:

  • SEOWordpressThemes
  • DailySEOBlog
  • Courtney Tuttle
  • DailyBlogTips
  • Chris Pearson
  • FindableBlogs
  • WordPressThemeReview
  • AdFlexSEO
  • Garry Conn
  • BlogOhBlog
  • Internet Wealth Master
  • WebmasterHeaven
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    • Thanks for featuring these WP Themes. Having this installed on one’s blog plus additional plug-ins will surely boost search engine ranking of a blog or a site.

      One should keep in mind the Title and meta description but don’t overuse the tags.